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Programmed at ‘The End of the World Garden’ in Cornwall, the show questions the exhibition of natural landscapes in conversation with artworks discussing the human descent into virtual and mediated spaces. The site of the exhibition interrogates the politics of land in our contemporary age; challenging our relationship with such managed and undisturbed lands. We meet centrally at the garden where we entice and invite audiences to endeavour among space in search of isolated artworks; pockets of conversations positioned within a larger human conversation of regulated landscape.

We momentarily step outside of our digital-selves, to interrogate the regulated earth we discover and to submerge ourselves within its breadth of knowledge. We seek parallels throughout the land, journeying to understand the physicality of the garden; only to return to our human discourse surrounding space, memory or reimagined technological realities.

We are asked to enter a world that our bodies can exist in physically, outside of our digital selves, but always reaching after worlds within artworks we can never truly enter, or be reunited with. Consequently we find ourselves surrounded by an innate humanness where we venture among shared memories, reimagined realities and augmented space to be grounded among the earth that is consistently cultivated. 


Of Meadows is a physical and archival show that interrogates this growing disparity and intersection between our earthly wilds and our enveloping human technologies.

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