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Turning the corner in our show we meet an isolated plinth housing Toby Woollen’s photo book of ‘Tiny Paces’ situated among the wildflower meadow of the garden. Here we too take small steps towards the artwork, down the garden, mindful of the way our feet emerge and land among the breadth of the meadow,

We step among blossoming flowers and tall grass to grasp the book - taking the turn towards a personal conversation surrounding our precious land.

Within the book we encounter the comedic storytelling of Woollen’s experiences in adolescence and the grasping towards his artistic future through arrays of self portraits. We make small steps again throughout the book, seeking him in every photograph; imitating the childhood game of hide and seek. We are invited into his comedic depiction of his relationship with the landscape: rooted in his family’s farm where we find ourselves reaching towards this curated land, as well as Woollen’s experiences.

We are presented with an endearing and idyllic perception of the English landscape, and yet we are constantly pulled back into the industrialisation and modernisation of the lands and our lives.

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