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Pacing away from Toby Woollen’s photo book, we endeavour through a passage forged by trees to the lonesome screening of Shona Waldron’s artwork ‘Primordial Loop’. Until this moment we have encountered many artworks of differing media that grow from the natural space like extra limbs and leaves. We are invited to traverse the cycle of evolution in Primordial Loop; suspended between technological landscapes and earthly wilds.

We journey, just as in Sturgeon’s work, as disembodied spirits, floating through the odyssey of these other worlds: through colour and experience, just as the jellyfish in her film. We grasp onto the jellyfish’s supple forms, floating and dividing amongst this metamorphosing landscape, only to return to our physical bodies as the film descends slowly into blackness combined with a blueness. We begin a pilgrimage  throughout blue dreams, where we begin our dreams of blue between time and place, moving into the chasm of technological growth.

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