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End of the World Garden

The End of the World Garden is a two-acre forest garden and horticultural facility in Cornwall UK, cultivated over the last fifteen years by artist Paul Chaney. The project opened to a limited public in 2016 as a platform for durational transdisciplinary research exploring dark ecologies, late capitalist land politics, and post collapse agrarian futurisms. The site hosts a programme of residential seminars, public events, practical workshops, and artist's residencies.

EotWG is situated five miles from Falmouth in Cornwall, UK. The site is fully autonomous for energy and water. A mix of traditional and perennial horticultures provide raw materials for on-site catering, and biofuel planted thirteen years ago provides site-grown fuel for cooking etc. A selection of agricultural buildings house educational/workshop spaces, and camping facilities allow visitors to engage in a year-round programme of activities.

To learn more, visit: eotwgarden.org.uk

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