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To further our endeavour amongst the garden space, we move towards ‘EXTRACT’, suspended on trees, tied and held throughout the elevating space. We hone in here on a small collection of large prints, focusing on the merging and exploding forms of the artworks.

Tree branches emerge as neuron pathways, seeping into the electrical wires and components of the digital. We begin to hone in on the human imitation of our natural landscape; where we push back against our innate beings and submerge ourselves into human created things.

In doing this, we dismiss the core imagery used to forge these augmented landscapes, but are brought back to the notions of our dying earth through the physical surroundings in the garden. We are reminded of a nearing death of our planet; an elevating sickness - where we rise too with the artworks suspended from trees to reevaluate our hot and dry futures.

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