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Meg Jarvis is a visual artist who incorporates photography, digital art and illustrations. She is fascinated by the virtual realms of video games; blending the line between reality and the virtual, which begins with her work ‘Sunless Chamber’. In A Visual Flow, Jarvis exhibits ‘Untitled’ – a developing series of black and white film prints that depict a virtual reality, between a game and physical realm. In a constant evolving digital world where the tangible is rapidly disappearing, she asks the viewer to question what is real – to reject and expand their senses, and interrogate what is before them.

︎: mj_visualarts

Anna Sturgeon: 

Exhibiting works from ‘Rosier’, ‘Seriality’ and ‘Blue Blood’. Anna Sturgeon is a Fine-art Photographer based in Falmouth, Cornwall who takes influence from philosophical schools of thought. Her practice is often concerned with the questioning of ‘the real’, both of the photographic medium and the world during the digital age. Anna employs an incongruous and disruptive style in order to create alternative realities that are devoid of time and space. She juxtaposes and rearranges her work to reflect upon the transient nature of Postmodern society amongst digital realities.

︎: anna__sturgeon

Shona Waldron:

Shona Waldron is an interdisciplinary artist based between Cornwall and East Sussex, UK, exploring a diverse practice that encompasses photography, moving image and installation. Her work intends to blur demarcations and frequently combines digital and analogue techniques to manipulate the periphery of fact and fiction. Waldron documents states of change or metamorphosis recurring throughout her exhibited projects ‘Organic Body’, ‘After the Things of Nature’ and ‘Endless Forms Most Beautiful’. Through this, she explores the transition into a future which is impossible to predict or control.

︎: shona_waldron

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