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VOID is an arts collective of Falmouth undergraduate students, specialising in photography, installation or performance, with an eclectic programme of exhibitions, artworks and conversational podcast.

VOID was established around the keen interest of developing new methods of exhibiting artworks and faciliating critical discourse within Photography.

︎: v.oidco
︎: /collective.void
︎: hello@voidvoidvoid.space

Exhibition Team

Isaiah Cheng - Artistic Director  
Madeleine Stuart-Smith - Lead Curator & Programmes 
Jasper Fell-Clark - Lead Producer & UI/UX 
Elizabeth Dowling Nash - Social Media & Marketing 

Special Thanks To:
Charlie Hey, Dan Cainey, Dinu Li, Elizabeth Waller, Emily Whelan, Esther Hawkins, Falmouth Campus Stores, Geoff Marks, Graham Lawrence, Jamie Collyer, Kate Bell, Mark Perham, Matthew Ferris, Oliver Raymond Barker, Oliver Udy, Scooby Alexis Gill & Tim Clark


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